Initial Appointment

60 – 90 Minutes $130.00

The initial appointment is used to discuss the reason for your attendance and what your health goals are. You will be required to fill out an intake and medical history form, which give information needed for your treatment. This appointment involves a discussion of your health history and examining your health and lifestyle habits in great detail.

Standard Appointment

30 – 45 Minutes $70.00

In the follow-up standard appointment, we review results of any tests undertaken and then discuss the treatment plan. Your treatment plan is individually tailored to meet your specific needs and will include dietary and lifestyle advice as well as any supplements that will need to be taken.

Express Appointment

15 – 20 Minutes $35.00

The express appointments are used to ensure you are on track with the treatment plan and to make any minor adjustments or refill prescriptions needed. These can also be used if you are coming in with a specific and minor requirement such as a cold or flu requiring a quick assessment and an herbal remedy made up.

Private Health Rebates May be Applicable

A 10% discount is offered to students or pensioners, on presentation of a valid concession or student card. The discount applies to the consultation fees only, and does not include any supplements or herbal mixes prescribed.